Screenwriting is hard! Really hard. You may think it’s difficult writing a novel…

And I mean really hard.  You might think it’s hard to write a whole novel, but that’s just peanuts compared to writing a screenplay… (with apologies to the late and brilliant Douglas Adams).

I’m two weeks into a screenwriting course with the Writers Workshop. And two days ago, I nearly gave up. But I’m too stubborn for that (plus, it cost some money), so having ditched my first idea (for which I’ve so far written a one-line and two-page pitch and three pages of research) I’m ploughing on with a story I know considerably better: my still-a-work-in-progress novel, ‘All Our Tomorrows‘.  Sorry, Antony Penworthy – another time, perhaps, when I can make you a truly individual character…

I may have made a mistake, and should probably have stuck with the hapless Pen… but the thing is done now (though I have yet to hear from the tutor, Ray Grewal, who may rap my knuckles (politely, of course, because he is always that, and very honest).

When I’m a little further along, I’ll share the experience in more detail (without compromising any copyrights/course content, of course). Let’s just say that it is proving to be an interesting experience, and I am discovering a new respect for those clever, talented people who daily bring drama into our living rooms (not that I didn’t already respect them, of course!).

More to come!

Elaine, June 2014


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