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As a writer of science fiction, and someone who generally tries to avoid conflict in all things, I have tended to keep my political views to myself (apart from a few posts on the subject of the changes to the State Pension Age earlier this year) but the unprecedented arrogance of a Prime Minister who stubbornly refuses to listen to the electorate,  who bullies her ministers into agreeing a rip-off Brexit, ripping her party apart in the process, has got me so enraged that I just have to have a mutter or two about it. Also because the situation is fast becoming like something out of a dystopian sci-fi story…  I do apologize if you came here to read about my books or the occasional humorous or reflective observation about life, the universe and everything; hopefully you’ll simply click away until the next post, and not unsubscribe. But, as Theresa May is now discovering, you simply can’t please all of the people all of the time; you’d tie yourself in knots if you tried to do so (as she has done). And since I’m not very good at Yoga….

Why Am I so Cross?

Well, it’s bad enough that the United Kingdom appears to be turning into something out of Orwell’s ‘1984’, where people are becoming afraid to say what they think for fear of being accused of committing a hate crime, being labeled offensive, intolerant or even racist, or whatever other awful label gets slapped on them by the ‘Loony Left’ as a way of bullying them into silence (surely this is a hate crime in itself?) ; but having a Prime Minister who promises to deliver one thing and then knowingly, arrogantly proceeds to try and deliver something else and lies about it, is a step too far.



The Road to Deception and Lies

I’m not going to go into great detail, because no doubt you’ve all seen the news and are fully aware that the government is now in disarray following the Chequers Brexit Bill, at the reading of which the Prime Minister threatened to sack any MP who did not sign up to her vision of Brexit (which by the way it turns out is NOT what 51.9% of  30 million people – the highest turnout for a vote for a long, long time – voted for). Apparently any would-be nay-sayers were told they could get a taxi home as their official staff car would be removed immediately (spiteful, much?). What the PM seems not to understand is that if she didn’t sack them for not agreeing, their constituents would probably sack them for not standing up to her for what the public voted for: so they’ll probably lose their seats anyway. These silent dissenters must have felt as if they were caught between a rock and a hard place. That several ministers have since resigned is rather reassuring.

Not since the awful events of 9/11 have I seen colleagues stopping work to talk about political events – specifically the resignation of cabinet ministers as a result of May’s Bungled Brexit. My husband, who had originally planned to spend the day decorating our utility room (well. he did manage to do a bit) apparently spent most of it glued to the  TV and the live Parliament broadcast and various news items following it. “This is history in the making,” he told me as I toddled off to work.

It is hard for me, someone who has never been particularly interested in politics, to feel as if I fully understand what is going on in in the halls of power.  I’m generally of the opinion that (a) politicians will almost never give you a straight answer to a question (b) will promise whatever it takes to get them voted in and then promptly find reasons not to deliver on those promises, and (c) quickly become out-of-touch with the electorate once they arise to a position of power. The arrogance of a PM who thinks she knows best and that is is acceptable to lie to the voters is breath-taking. It’s something I won’t forget for a long time. (And might even use in a future book…)

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