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Last Train to Budapest (2010 dir. Lee Deaville) was a short film documenting the life of one Hungarian trying to escape the oppressive regime during the Hungarian revolution in 1956. When composing this score I tried to use traditional Hungarian folk music as inspiration, for example in the piece “Variation on a Weeping Willow”, I took the theme from “Weeping Willow” which is a well known traditional song composed by Bartok. Bartok is considered as one of Hungary’s greatest composers, so I immersed myself in his work whilst I was composing this soundtrack. The violin/fiddle parts he often used were supposed to represent the sound of birds singing sporadically and often atonally, which I tried to replicate on pieces such as “For Bem”. For the short piano pieces I used repetitive themes in 3/4 waltz timing which would lend themselves to archive footage, acting to add atmosphere rather than dominate or…

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