Interesting blog by Ian Weir about the differences between writing a screenplay and writing a novel:

National Post | Arts

Ian Weir’s latest novel is Will Starling, out now from Goose Lane Editions. We will be guest editing the Afterword all week.

Various discoveries lie in wait for someone like me, who takes up writing novels after a formative quarter-century as a screenwriter and TV showrunner. Some of them are not really all that surprising, such as the discovery that:

1. There are fewer zeroes involved.
This can be discouraging. But at least the missing zeroes have their positive side, since the general level of remuneration contributes to one of the happiest discoveries…

2. The book world is full of people who actually love books.
And amidst all this idealism, you can remind yourself: if 5,000 people buy your novel, you have written a Canadian best-seller. If 5,000 people watch your TV show, you are taken out and shot.

But a number of the surprises are downright rude. As…

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